AUXO game

Coin Shooter

The Machine

Coin-Shooter based on a traditional Finnish gambling game named Payazzo. The goal is try to flick a coin into one of the winning slots. If you succeed, the machine drops a few coins. If you miss the coin give you a chance for a non instant prize.

Coin-Shooter the multi skilled skill game machine!
Fun and simple games for everyone!
Save money with the built-in coin changer!
Only 50 Euro-cent accepted!

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Take Five

Try to catch 5 symbols in a row and get the highest prize. You can quit playing anytime you want by pressing "Game Over" button.
At the end of the game pay according the highest symbol.
Every glass of beer filling up the big mug and when it filled, buy one in the pub from your prize because you deserve it!

Castle Destroyer

Destroy everything, rebuild and start again!
The two towers on the edges destroying by the 5 th hit, for the others enough only one good shoot.
If you destroyed any four towers, the fifth tower prize will multiply by 4. Try to keep the highest tower till the end.
If you miss the target, no problem, your fellow at the catapult will help you destroying the castles on the background.

Coin Shooter

Flick the 11th coin to any slot and get 10 instantly, easy peasy!

Sniper Cup

Tournament game: start with 10 coins and try to get points as much as you can. When your 10 coins are gone, the game is over, get back 9 coins and next player try to beat your points.
The loser will pay the next round at the bar!