Playing the game

First the player selects the value of the by pressing the BET button as many times as it is necessary. The deal begins with the START button, the credit deducted by the actual value of the bet. The machine automatically turns over the favourable cards, but the player can change these with the five HOLD buttons and by pressing the START button the not held cards will be exchanged for the price of a new bet. If there is a winning combination it will be displayed in the table and also appears in the WIN field. If on the first deal a winning combination is achieved, by pressing the BET the reward can be doubled without any further credit reduction. The first deal with winning combination can be the base of a bigger reward (for example: 2 PAIR → FULL, 3 OF A KIND → 4 OF A KIND etc.). The player can achieve this by pressing the START button, which changes the not held cards in the prise of a new bet.


In the doubling the cards are separated into two groups as follows: RED HOLD2 red cards(Hearts, Diamonds) BLACK HOLD4 black cards(Clubs, Spades) The player can bet for the next pulled card by risking the achieved prize on double or nothing base by pressing the selected group’s button. The decision is helped by displaying the five previous drawn cards. If he/she hits the group of the next pulled card, then the reward is doubled if not it is lost. Of course the player can ask to credit the prize and ending the doubling with the START button.

Mini bonus

In that case, if there is no winning deal, but there is pair of ten or bigger pair, then the mini bonus counter is increases with the value of the bet. If it reaches the fivefold of the bet, then it can be credited or doubled.


The selectable bets are the following: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000. The lowest and highest limit of the selectable bet is adjustable by the operator and therefore it may differ from the above list.

Information about the prizes

Examples of the various prizes are displayed on the information screen; this is on the upper monitor on two screen machines. The presented card combinations are just only examples. In one screen mode the HOLD4 button shows this information.