Playing the game

Set the value of the bet with the BET button. By pressing the START button, the game starts, the value of the bet is deducted from the CREDIT, and five cards dealt. In that case if two or more similar cards have been dealt the program automatically holds them. In this phase the player can alter – according to his/her will – the held cards. Pressing again the START button a subsequent bet value is deducted from the CREDIT and the not held cards exchanged. If there is no winning combination everything starts from the beginning again, but if there is a winning situation then the player can choose to credit it or to double the prize.


During the doubling the rest of the deck is separated into two groups as follows: Low cards - HOLD2 diamond, cherry and joker High cards – HOLD4 orange, plum, melon, bell and joker The player can bet for the next pulled card by risking his/her achieved prize on double or nothing base by pressing the selected group’s button. The decision is helped by displaying the number of left cards in the groups. If he/she hits the group of the next pulled card, then the reward is doubled if not it is deleted. Of course the player can ask to credit the prize and ending the doubling with the START button.


If there was no prize in the game, but there were 2 cherry symbols, then the value of the bet is added to the Cherry Bonus field and the level of the arrow in the field is raised. If this level is fully filled, a bonus prize is give and with the above mentioned method it can be doubled or credited. If the player was successfully collected 4 similar symbols and these symbols are not lit in the Poker Bonus field, then they will be marked. If every symbol marked, the prize on the table is awarded and with the above mentioned method it can be doubled or credited. To help the player the any time selection options, the necessary information for game play is shown in the Information field. (SELECT BET; PUSH START; HOLD CARDS; etc.) The program shuffles the dealt cards from a 139 card deck. The player can track – as a helping guide for decision making – on the Cards left label how many cards remain in the given group. The reshuffle happens in three cases. First when there is a prize, second is when the number of the cards left is under 42 or the BET is changed.


The possible bets are the following: 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000. The lowest and highest limit of the selectable bet is adjustable by the operator and therefore it may differ from the above list. The paytable is displayed on the information screen, this can be called by pressing the HOLD4 button or it is on the second monitor. The values are not multiplier values, but concrete winnable points. The illustration refers to that case if the bet is 1. The multiplier values of the rewards: