Playing the game

The player can set the number of the active winning lines and the bet at the beginning of the game with the BET and HOLD5 buttons. During the winning line set-up, the lines are dis-played on the game field. After this by pressing the START button the value of the bet is deducted from the CREDIT, all of the reels start to rotate and in short time they will stop. If there was a winning combination, then its value appears in the WIN field, with the START button it goes to the CREDIT field or with the BET button the reward is transferred to the doubling process. The WILD (king) symbol replaces any other except the BONUS. The WILD alone has a reward value. The WILD replaces the scatter also. On the given line, always the highest prize is valid.

Treasury Bonus

If anywhere on the stopped reels three, four or five BONUS symbol appears, a bonus game is the reward. On the appearing bonus screen, the player can see in three rows five-five chests from the bottom to the top. The chests are different in materials with wood, silver and gold ornaments. In the first round the number of the occurred BONUS symbols defines the group of the chests to choose from. The player can try the wood chest with three BONUS, with four symbols the silver and with five the golden. In the wood chests instant reward or a silver key occurs. If the prize was a key, the player can open one of the silver chests in the next row. The silver chest contains instant reward or gold key. If a key was in the chest, the player can step up one more level and choose one from the golden chest. In this case only instant prize can be the result. The outcome should be accepted by the START button and with the usual methods it can be credited or doubled.

Bets and rewards

The number of the winning lines can be one to ten, to set them use the HOLD5/LINES button. The selectable bets per line are the following: 1, 5, 10, 20, 40, 50, 100, 150, and 200. The sum of all bets cannot be more than 2000 or the maximum set in the menu. The lower and upper limit of the bet is adjustable by the operator, so it can be different from the above list. The reward table is displayed on the upper monitor in two screen mode; with one display the HOLD4 button shows.