Playing the game

The BET button sets the actual value of the game. When this value changes, the rewards in the reward table also change, according to the actual bet. The START button begins the first game. Five new cards dealt and above the middle the 1st DEAL label appears. Simultaneously the actual bet is deducted from the credit and the following labels appearing in the information field: HOLD CARDS – SELECT BET – PUSH START The program recognises the possible winning combinations and automatically holds the cards. With the five HOLD buttons the good cards can be kept or the program selected ones deleted for the second deal. Pressing again the START the not held cards exchanged. Above the middle card the 2nd DEAL label displayed and a new bet value is deducted from the credit. If there is no winning combination from the actual deal, then this game is ended. If there is a winning combination the BET button accepts the rewards in the first and second round, after this the player can decide to double or credit it.

Bonus 21

Lost games with low pair (2–9) without joker trigger the proper lamp on Bonus area. Bonus 21 game starts when all the numbers from 2 to 9 are lit on bonus area. It is actually a kind of Black Jack game. Until the score less than 16 the player must draw new card. If the score greater or equal 16 the player can credited the prize. If the score equal 21 the game ended and the player win maximum prize. If the score greater than 21, the game ended and the player leave the bonus game with empty hand.


Joker without winning activate “Good Equal” then “New Card” lamp.
The prize won't lost when Good Equal is active and card of the same rank is drawn. Player may draw new base card(pressing HOLD 5) when New Card is active.
The value of cards from A to K can be seen on top of the screen. The base card is marked with bright colour. The player can bet if the next pulled card has greater or less value. If the player were right in the tip, the value of the prize box doubles and the game can continue. Otherwise the value of the prize box turn to zero and the doubling is ended.

Bets and rewards

The lowest and highest limit of the selectable bet is adjustable by the operator.